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Close hiring is a kind of vogue, also be a kind of self-confident beauty
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Close hire -- , concern of a kind of new life of male and female is becoming fashion gradually. Break through when people marriage and of all sorts of ideas tie an option more when human nature, more comfortable way of life, we see a kind of self-confident beauty clearly.
Close the day that hiring is a paragraph of beauty, after coming off work everyday especially, yun is hasty in the dim light of night and row, to that fossa that is about to return, have the reluctant to leave of a kind of home.
The chapter is an outstanding boy, because young, what there is a kind of Hu Hu on the body is angry, because set foot on working station before long, acting boy is peculiar when there still is an university on the body honest, the essence that actually the most important is him is very kind-hearted. This is her most a kind of cherished character. Of course, besides these, demeanour of munificent, magnanimous, gent also is the quality that he has, although have a place lazy, but the girl that serves as to often be taken care of by him, she forgave, be willing to do the business of all in one's power for him.
They each other make clear both sides is for life demand and close hire, it is because of physiology demand of the individual informal to do not think together. She and he is not the person with affection informal manner.
Close with his to her at first hire spoffish friends to also arrange its nature later. At a loose end does not have everybody the thing also can jeer round her. Say they talk about love, should wide and accuse ask everybody to have a meal, she is right of friends speak to never be cared about.
She wants to cook big breakfast for him very much, have congee, have goluptious cole, come to shed oily salty duck's egg again, look at him to eat next go down.
She is very loath before cook for male friend, even if be an omelette, male in those days friend is full mouth complaint of course, also think even herself to he is a lazy girl. It is after-thought rises now only, she just detects, the person compares the heart the heart, you cast with plum, I sign up for with peach, in " do not agree, do not think " below excuse, it is a kind of deep dissatisfaction and love nevertheless soon blasted adumbrates.
The neighbour that is not public sitting room and toilet, in giving birth to active state to spend good-tempered contemporary society after all, lived several years, she and he praises oneself for modern, they feel to should not subdue their life for traditional idea, coexist of self-confident men and women also can maintain pure roommate relationship.
Said again, their each other working hours is stagger, do not want high character to say love, two people meet not quite, the scintilla of friendship also is ignited hard.
Do sanitation by turns, apportion chummage, water and electricity is expended... she and he, of roommate of this pair of opposite sexes add up to the life general interest that hires the life and same sex roommate to agree, stick on sitting room wall only it seems that go out " close hire an agreement " ability dot is a few clearer differ delicately, closing hire they write down a word markedly on the agreement: "Each other forbid to talk about love " , the hires to close the first criterion that they inspect.
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