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Teach you a few let room skill
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1, closing the boy or girl friend that rents a house had better be to search with a few friends with him inclination, same interest, colleague, classmate, each other are familiar with everybody understanding, close hire one ring room to be able to partake jointly hire, can take care of a help each other on the life again.

2, close together with the person that does not know formerly hire a room to want to leave the certificate such as identity photocopy, employee's card and connection phone each other with the other side above all, check the status of the other side, sign the formal contract that rent.

3, install independent electric meter severally, lest produce issue in the future. Had negotiated what property management, water expends to partake problem, valuable should appropriate is custodial.

4, the habits and customs that should respect the other side and privacy, should active with add up to the person that hire to do well relation.