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Combine a few advice that hire to the opposite sex
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1, close hire both sides to answer beforehand decides the apportion scale to charge.

2, the dignity that the girl wants to maintain oneself especially and sober, because with the passing of time is familiar with,do not want, be depended on overly like treating a boy friend or the other side of informal cry out.

3, the privacy that does not interfere the other side casually.

4, the dress that wearing too informal, sex appeal comes in and go out at sitting room or public place.

5, the girl had better make preparation of a few meet an emergency, such as tells telephone number the good friend beside; Come out boy friend belt to appear, introduce understanding of the other side; Available ask a few friends to come back to get together, welcome the other side to join in; One person is when the room, remember closing, the door must be locked up when sleeping.