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Close hire 6 notes
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Safe problem: The disposition characteristic of crowd of character of characteristic of the social class that inspects chummage the other side, profession, morality, contact, individual, it is very necessary. Maintain necessary vigilance, can avoid needless pecuniary loss.

Healthy problem: It is very important to add up to the healthy condition that hires associate and individual sanitation to be used to.

Lend an issue: It is very important to consider this beforehand, when the place that rents when place especially is not quite great. If the other side often entertains guests, have the thing in freezer with nothing left, still occupying TV by force, frequent stay fellow-townsman, close friend, meet you bring a lot of inconvenience.

Problem of habits and customs: The rule of life work and rest of two people can agree as far as possible, avoid night of hot season of a day to go out, day of bend over of a night goes, whether agree with each other is very important also; See the other side have his to bear the hobby that be overcome even, if smoke, drink etc.

Economic atmosphere problem: Chummage person should assume chummage jointly, if the other side is constant,borrow money to be not returned, time grew to be able to affect bilateral living relationship.

Interest likes an issue: If you do not like pet allergic to pet perhaps, moreover one likes classical music, one likes rock and roll, wanting to live quietly also is a difficult problem.

■ close hire 6 kinds of pattern:

The fellow villager closes hire: The language is interlinked, dietary taste is identical, visit one's family convenient. Not only can reduce needless trouble, also can solve the suffering that considers country, equipment feeling is kind, warm.

The colleague closes hire: Go to work convenient, next convenience. Familiar to each other, each respect health ensures the body somewhat. Have common language already, safe and convenient, encounter difficulty to also business has an amount.

The same sex closes hire: Agree with each other of nature of habits and customs, disposition. Girl chummage is together, discharge solitary ground a person rambles bazaar; Boy chummage is together, discharge a person to play game, share the pleasure of the life without the person.

The person of the same trade closes hire: Though " the person of the same trade is enemy " , but benefit is quite much also. Each other can communicate industry experience and industry trends, communicate complementary, mutual compare notes.

Disparate industry closes hire: Pass information each other, enlarge eye shot. Be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears of the other side, each other can understand the knowledge of different domain.

Perhaps, still can give oneself a new mining space, find the development way that suits oneself more.

Close with the hobby hire: Have a common goal, interest agree with each other. The friend network that perhaps carries each other can help everybody establish a club or association by common interest, use wait for off hours to begin a series of is like on the weekend: The activity such as outing, match.
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