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The life city with spend not much money to enjoy better is arisen " hire the lif
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Want to be less than only, did not hire

Mr Xu that pursues foreign trade job hired a piano to the daughter recently, according to the economic condition in the home, buy originally frame new OK also, dan Xuxian is born not to know whether the daughter can have this one interest after all, so, hire to give a daughter the practice first, every months 200 money. Mr Xu says, "If the daughter played a few months not to like, expense is not big also, always buy to be put over than spending tens of thousands of bedraggled strong. " no less than " book blame borrows cannot read also " , "Musical instrument blame is hired cannot play also " , the daughter still is gone back because of the piano that fears to hire, instead learns frequently to practice hard, have effect very much.

According to home current and exclusive with " hire " to basically serve platform " hire hire a net " found person Zhu Weirong introduces, current, already had had 1000 people to become the member of the website, here, can search oneself to think the thing that hire already, the goods that also can not need of short duration hires others, and whole trade the activity is completely free.

The author is in " hire hire a net " on rough statistic, hire taste gross to have 150 kinds or so, among them, only things of outdoors, travel, camping has detailed classification 18, arrive greatly tent, sleeping bag, small to outdoors sabre, electrical outlet converter, almost everything needed is ready, namely
Making is completely to bivouac " layman " , these equipment also can let you become for an instant " the ass is friendly " ; Still a few is hire tasting is skill service purely, for instance annulus slippery coach, basketball coach waits. Nevertheless, also a few is hire article let a person drop broken glasses, e.g. male, girlfriend.

Not only " hire hire a net " , still have " circle blocking friend " , the day needs 10 money only or be 5 money normally hit with respect to what can lease a department store lose card, hairdressing check, these privilege that block actual generation should exceed rent charge far.

"Hire the life " bring new business chance

A few businessmen that give priority to in order to sell originally, also make in succession " hire " the business, and resonant and pretty good.