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Chief Lhasa Chengguan completion of low-rent housing investment 180 million yuan
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Recently, Chief Chengguan Lhasa's low-rent housing investment 180 million yuan fully completed, marking the work of housing support Chengguan District to achieve substantive results.

    Chengguan District of low-rent housing since the start of 2007, regional investment of 102 million yuan, investment of 15 million yuan in Lhasa, the Chengguan District of supporting 62 million yuan to build 1,300 low-rent housing units, 920 units delivered. To conscientiously work to do to stay low-rent housing, Chengguan District, the Central Government has enacted "low-rent housing program of work", organized urban construction, the Home Office and the streets of the persons concerned, in accordance with the regional government issued a "practical solution to my area on the low-income urban families the implementation of the housing difficulties of the views of the notice "and autonomous regions," two rooms to do "to lower" on the further improve low-rent housing and rental housing subsidies Shiwupeizu work on the basis of the notice ", according to the prescribed procedures for eligible families to stay for the relevant procedures.

    Increase the low-cost housing construction and improvement of low-rent housing system to protect the basic housing needs of low-income families, is both a benevolent works and popular works, but also building a socialist harmonious society. Related to the leadership to stay in Lhasa ceremony in the request, the relevant departments should attach great importance to make careful arrangements, and strive to make the management of low-rent housing, deep painstaking, and solid, the distribution process to ensure that the sun operation, strict access control to ensure that genuine low-income housing hardship to enjoy the national farmer-friendly policy; to strengthen the latter part of management, special funds special maintenance; to build low-income housing for needy families housing file, the introduction of social supervision mechanism for the implementation of housing security dynamic management object; to carry out a community convenient service that truly moved the masses can afford, afford to live, live well.

Lhasa reinvested more than 1800 million is expected by the end of three low-cost housing built

July 30, reporters from Lhasa Chengguan District Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that the first 25 Chengguan District is about to usher in low-rent housing tenants stay, the Chengguan District Government has invested more than 1800 million for construction of three sets of 180 low-rent housing.

"Chengguan District 930 sets of the first 25 low-rent housing have been completed, the original plan by the end of July early August to stay, but because some of the preparatory work still in progress, it is expected in mid-August will be postponed to stay." July 30, Construction of Lhasa Chengguan District Environmental Protection Bureau, told reporters in Lausanne on rolling. Yesterday, the reporters came to town in Nagin's first low-cost housing area, to see the area surrounded by greenery, the district water supply and drainage, electricity, security doors, fire and other facilities. In addition there is a broad area west of asphalt road connecting Nagin, the traffic is quite convenient.

It is understood that the upcoming construction of the second location of the three low-rent housing to low-rent housing in the next phase. "This will be built in three low-cost housing by the Chengguan District government investment of more than 1,800 million, a total of 180 suites, each housing area of approximately 59.38 square meters, total construction area of 10,688 square meters or so." Lausanne Nyandak said these application of low-rent housing conditions and the first application of low-rent housing conditions are the same, mainly used to solve the housing difficulties of the region Chengguan family housing. After that build low-rent housing which three will be the same with the first low-cost housing, water, electricity, security doors, fire and other facilities will be in one step. It is understood that three low-cost housing construction work is currently in the bidding period, after the bid opening is expected to Shoton, the construction unit will be started within 7 days after opening of the construction, the construction is expected to complete by the end of this year.

Yesterday, the reporter next to the first low-cost housing also saw three dozen buildings are under construction, it is understood by the Chengguan District Development and Reform Commission which is responsible for the construction of three low-cost housing, a total of about 130 sets. "To really solve the low-rent housing for needy families, we apply for low-cost housing, there are strict restrictions and regulations, but in order not to cause low-rent housing idle, we are currently applying to the relevant authorities appropriate to reduce the threshold for low-cost housing applications. "tie told reporters in Lausanne.

Chengguan District to apply under the low-rent housing

(1) determine the annual household income in line with regional low-income housing for needy families; (2) families with per capita housing floor space below 13 square meters (including 13 square meters); (3) Family members of non-agricultural accounts with local towns and the actual residence, transferred from the field and at least 1 person must be made to local towns more than 3 years of non-agricultural household; (4) family members have a statutory maintenance, custody or dependency relations. Another three persons and households of three or more families in order to meet the application requirements with low-cost housing, the two families and two following the implementation of eligible households rental housing subsidy policy, do not enjoy low-rent housing.