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Lhasa Chengguan District: 127 housing hardship to receive the key to low-rent ho
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October 8, located in rural Lhasa Nagin's first low-cost housing Chengguan District bustling district, Kyrgyzstan collapse hill district offices and Barkhor Street Road offices housing hardship to come to more than 100 households to collect their long-awaited The key to low-rent housing. "Can finally live in a bright and spacious new house." Bai Farm residents pleased to tell reporters.

127 housing hardship to receive the key to low-rent housing

Bai Lin Community Farm is making the residents of the door, a 7 person only one housing. "Well now, can finally live in a bright and spacious new house." 8 pm, Bai Farm came early in the Chengguan District Township Nagin the first district of low-rent housing, waiting to receive the key to low-rent housing. She along with other residents and neighborhood leaders in the office under the leadership of the house looked after the community's neighborhood committee leaders from the hands of their random sample of house keys. "My family is large, so the sub-area is also bigger house." Get the keys Bai Farm is very happy. Reporter on the scene saw, district water supply and drainage, power supply, and fire facilities and other necessities to the main nursery area of the project has been basically completed.

Chengguan District of Lhasa City Construction and Environmental Protection Agency staff pull Jane told reporters that the key is to get on Gully Erosion Kyrgyzstan Barkhor street offices and housing problems Road offices, a total of 127, which act in the street gang Kyrgyzstan collapse at 78, Barkhor Street Road Office 49. "The next few days, we will gradually release the key to low-rent housing housing hardship in the hands of other district offices." Pull-Jane said.