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920 low-rent housing units completed before the end of distribution
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It is understood that Chengguan District of Lhasa City completed the first phase of 920 low-rent housing units. Early September of this year, Chengguan District held the first ceremony of the low-rent housing to stay, after which the allocation of these low-rent housing. "Before we have started to more than 240 sets of keys to release low-cost housing to the appropriate district offices, and through their respective districts will be key to the housing problems." Pulled Jane said, with the distribution of 127 sets, the current total of 380 sets of low-cost housing has been allocated to housing hardship in the hands. "Now the key is to receive the first batch of approved housing problems. The housing allocation is completed, we will apply the second batch of low-rent housing for families to review and housing allocation, for the year 920 before the end of all low-rent housing units distributed to the hands of housing hardship. "

11 is now stepping up construction of low-rent housing

In the distribution of 25 has begun the first phase of low-cost housing next to the reporter also saw the construction of the scene in full swing. It is understood that it was in the construction of low-cost housing, a total of 11 buildings. "These low-rent housing under construction, there are Chengguan District 8 of the low-rent housing project first, there are three is low-rent housing project in 2010." 8 days, low-rent housing Chengguan District of Lhasa, the command staff of the Department of red hair, said, Chengguan District plans to build the first phase of 1,300 low-rent housing units, 920 units has been completed, and eight are under construction, of which seven will be completed by the end of the main project. "This eight low-rent housing projects and community kindergartens is expected to be fully completed before the end of May next year." Mao Hung told reporters. In addition, three low-cost housing project in 2010 a total of 180 sets of design, was started by the end of September, is at the basis of the construction phase. "These low-cost housing will be largely completed Chengguan District to resolve the housing problems of housing for needy families." Hong Mao said.