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How to sign a building to rent a contract
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The building contract that rent points to housing lessor and tenant to be signed when the housing that rent, use clear and bilateral right and voluntary agreement. As the tenant of housing, want to understand oneself right already, what also should understand oneself is compulsory. Specific for, housing rents a contract to should include a provision:

The circumstance of bilateral party

The individual circumstance such as the full name of lessor and tenant and address should mention expressly in the contract.

Housing situation

The specific place of housing, mention expressly the exact position of housing, if be located in some some some room;

Housing area

Housing decorates a circumstance, of window of the wall of brief specification housing, door, floor, ceiling, kitchen and toilet decorate a circumstance;
Provide establishment and facility, brief the furniture that lists the lessor inside housing to prepare for tenant, electric home appliancesThe property right of housing reachs property right person. Mention expressly why is this ring planted curtilage property right, who is property right person, the relation of lessor and property right person reachs what whether get property right person to entrust rental housing.

Housing utility

Main specification is the following at 2 o'clock:
Housing is to be used at tenant to live oneself, tenant is lived in, still allow tenant or family and someone else chummage.
Housing is can use at living only, still can have other utility at the same time, if handle official bussiness,wait.

The deadline that rent

Because tenant does not hope to move often, and lessor also does not hope to want to search new tenant again inside short time, both sides needs another paragraph of stabler time, so bilateral need agrees in the contract a deadline. Inside this deadline, if do not have special situation, lessor must not call in housing, tenant also must not abandon this one housing and rent other housing. After deadline arrived, tenant returns housing letter. If tenant wants to continue to rent this ring house, want to inform lessor ahead of schedule. Via talking things over, after lessor agrees, tenant can continue to rent this ring house. If tenant wants to take away, but did not find appropriate new dwelling, lessor should take into consideration the circumstances extends the deadline that rent.

Chummage reachs terms of payment

Housing hire talks things over by lessor and tenant affirmatory, inside the deadline that rent, lessor does not get do sth without authorization to raise rent. The payment of hire has roughly by year pay, pay by half an year, pay by season. If one paid and longer the chummage of deadline, can mix lessor argy-bargy, the requirement offers a few privilege. But bear from the economy of tenant ability angle consideration, press a month or pay by season the economic burden that create is relatively inferior.
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