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Deposit contract (when be being booked for commodity house, use)
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Party A: (bargainor) : ________________________________________________________

Abode: ____________________________________________ postcode: _______________

Legal representative: ______________________________________ connects a telephone call: ____________

Party B (square) of purchase in advance: ________________________________________________________

Abode: ___________________________________________ postcode: _______________

Certificate name: ______________ card number: ___________________ connects a telephone call: ___________

The principle that both sides of armour, second follows freewill, fairness and honest credence, classics talks things over consistent, book with respect to second direction Party A " _____________ " commodity sex appropriate, conclude this contract.

The first Party B books ____________________ " ____________ " ____________ room of ____________ layer ____________ (the following abbreviation this building) . Party A already got house of this building commodity to open to booking licence (certificate date: ________________ ) , forecast via _____________ mapping orgnaization, this housing area is ___________ square metre. This building on _______ year consign of day of _______ month _______ .

Unit price of transaction of floor area of every square metre is this building that the 2nd Party B books RMB ______________________________ yuan, the price of this building total house that Party B books is RMB ______________________________ yuan, party B takes ________________ kind.

When the 3rd Party B agrees to sign this contract, pay deposit RMB __________________ yuan, assure as what party of both sides of armour, Party B concludes commodity house opens to booking a contract, after signing commodity house to open to booking a contract, the deposit that Party B pays turns the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold that it is a room.

Both sides of the 4th armour, second decides, book period for ______ day, party B at ______ year ______ month ______ was signed to ___________________________________________ and Party A a few days ago " Shanghai commodity house opens to booking a contract " .

Standard of quality of layout, structure, construction, adornment reachs the building plane that place of book of building of the ad that the 5th Party A agrees to will be released or offers, carry out, sample indicates the accessory that the state such as establishment of accessary establishment, form a complete set regards commodity house as to open to booking a contract.

The 6th engages time in what the 4th treaty of this contract decides inside, divide this contract the 7th, outside the case that the 8th treaty decides, party A rejects to sign commodity house to open to booking a contract, times doubler return still already the deposit of collection; Party B rejects to sign commodity house to open to booking a contract, have no right to ask Party A is returned still already the deposit of collection.
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