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De Kangmin of Ba Erku road occupies Lhasa town
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The month hires: The face is discussed yuan
Bedroom: 4 house
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Tibet - Lhasa - De Kangmin of Lhasa city Ba Erku district is resided (on the west guesthouse of outskirt day sea is inclined on)

3 rooms one hall two defend one hutch 130 smooth rice, 2 buildings, have a car, have solar energy water heater, the village belongs to a sector of an area of Lhasa downtown gold (on the west outskirt night fair, Tian Haibin house is inclined on) , the environment is good, give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, entrance guard is on duty 24 hours, building already brief decorate, the choice with office, very right abode, intended connection.

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