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Villatic whole is rental
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The month hires: 3000 yuan
Bedroom: Other
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Tibet - Lhasa

A monomer is villatic, brief outfit, enter at any time, house floor area 230 square metre, courtyard area makes an appointment with 200 square metre, suit to do office space, family to live etc, be located in Lhasa Jinzhuxi to the road, border Lhasa river, july 1 farm leans on the west, square of distance the Potala Palace makes an appointment with 9 kilometers, communication is easy. Village core place is comfortable and clean, have the afforest of large area. Lunar chummage 3000 yuan, but the face is eristic, property of water and electricity provides for oneself.

Contact: Cai Deji
Connect a telephone call: 13989096662