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Chief accused of renting the new regulatory intervention in the market
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Core tips If the original separated into several small rooms rented, will be subject to a fine of up to 3 million. Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban issued the "Measures for the Administration of goods rental", which is released in 1995, "Urban housing rental management approach" for the first time introduced the New Deal, will be February 1, 2011 shall come into force. Rent on the inhibition of the content group, caused a large controversy. Under the new regulations, for the partition behavior clearly defined rental: rental housing should be based on the original design for the smallest room rental flats, rental construction area per capita less than the local people's governments shall not be minimum standards. If the lessor in violation of these provisions, the local authorities ordered a set period, overdue correction, a fine of five thousand yuan or more, three million fine. This reporter learned that, according to Beijing in April this year, introduced the relevant provisions of the rental residential building sets, the per capita floor area of not less than 10 square meters, or the per capita floor area of not less than 7.5 square meters; rental cottage, the per capita use area of not less than 4 square meters. "Procedures" also stipulates that rental contract period, the lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally. In this regard, Xi'an Evening News has commented that "inhibit the sparse group of rent should not be blocked." But there are users that the inhibition of base rent is a good thing. The industry is revealed that the current rental business is more than Liucheng own deal. If the record, the lessor or lease of property to pay income tax, and even exposed some of the owner of the "invisible" assets, so the record will not be high, "if the hard punishment, can not clearly determine the lease vulnerable to acts of embarrassment." The Beijing Evening News reported that the data show that about 20 million people in Beijing were forced to rent increases due to sharing. General Dialogue Base rent is unavoidable phenomenon. Deal with such problems, some people think that inhibit the base rent should not be blocked sparse, some people said, to cancel the base rent to be first to do things well, and also some people that the group has brought many problems in rent , should be prohibited. Faced with these views, see how the experts do? To this end, the connection of the Jiangsu Provincial Express reporter Hosei School Associate Professor Liu Qing. Liu Qing Not really need a room, but a bed Modern Express: It is said that from the rental management of the world experience, prohibits "base rent" is the general trend, since the prohibition of "base rent" is to facilitate the social management, but also to improve the quality of life of citizens. How do you see? Liu Qing: whether to ban the group of rent, should consider the market has no such demand? The demand is reasonable and legal? Base rent if damage to other legitimate interests? Damaged the interests of the group need to cancel the lease to protect? Whether the administrative regulations are legitimate and appropriate? If the demand for reasonable and legitimate, then it should not intervene. Apparently, the group has a common market rent is the demand, mainly because some groups more difficult life, this is for their participation in the process of economic development of society as a whole to take the expedient. They had very difficult lives, and you did not allow them to participate in market competition, this is not to infringe on their rights to survival and development rights? Modern Express: Many people think that this is the essence of inhibition of group against group rental lease. And all along, "No base rent," the voice heard. Liu Qing: This is a vicious market intervention by administrative means another case, not to say that the Government can not intervene in the market, but first it must be benign. That is, it was offside. Modern Express: For some there is no way in the city displaced people to obtain better living conditions, they need not really a room but a bed, if even such a request are not allowed, how can they do it ? Liu Qing: base rent, in itself, is a part of my civil rights. You better "intervention" is to really focus on their needs, you may provide much of the area must be for the record, the lessor must pay much taxes, and provide the biggest load per unit area rate, and the requirement to comply with fire, traffic requirements, which is the true love. Introduction of such a provision, is a typical full Han Chinese and I do not know hunger hunger behavior. In this way, it will drive them to the most remote areas, or areas with worse conditions. As a result, their lives, employment, the time cost more. They naturally can not afford to buy a house, rent it, in accordance with the provisions of the standards to bear. Modern Express: the construction of public rental is now seriously lagging behind in many places, it is difficult to enjoy the public rental conditions. Liu Qing: In a market economy, can never guarantee that your needs, because you do not know how many people need. Rent or his so-called inhibition of group management point of standing in a convenient to consider the issue. On people's basic rights and administrative regulations should not interfere Modern Express: "commodity housing rental management approach" also provides rental contract period, the lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally. How do you see this problem? Liu Qing: This is a typical behavior of market intervention. Market, the changes will occur, and this is obviously the contract with the department of law and regulations to be modified. Contract law also provides for the contract are not allowed to change arbitrarily, but the parties can be changed through negotiation. You are not allowed to raise the rent provision is unrealistic. This is part of your community in the protection, they also violated another part of the group's interests. The problem is you are using the administrative regulations to lower intervention offside position of contract law. Modern Letters: In many public opinion, to say the least, even if you have this power, then you should also do a good job of the like do a good job of public rental building, group of the Tenants have the right to a place to live . Liu Qing: Perhaps, such an act aimed at eradicating urban slums, but this problem is not the Department of Housing and Urban rented by limiting the base solution. This is a simple management method, the effect is not good. And I can conclude that this management approach will not solve the base rents. If the base rent is a common phenomenon, how to identify and deal with, do not live in the Ministry of Construction to set up a strong law enforcement? If you have such a provision, can not strictly enforced, and that it provides what's the use? Think about it, Japan is not the typical social capsule apartment it? Why do people allow it? Modern Express: The question is, in our case, some local people out of the capsule seems to have been opposed to apartments. Liu Qing: market demand is there, you resolved through administrative means to not be solved, but to reduce their share of the results of the reform. Modern Letters: In many users view, recent Beijing "egg house" was banned in the middle of tragedy filled with little people. Moreover, those who dig underground room, the trees take the behavior of the room, not the perpetrator weird, but the bottom of the housing groups increasingly intense anxiety. Liu Qing: Exactly. The base rent back against it, in the real estate system and the market has not been fundamentally changed, to live out such a construction of the provisions of the Department, I think it is racking our brains is that despite the current conditions, the facts of the reality of economic development decision. We have to consider why there is such a demand? Such as people's basic rights, and what administrative regulations can not interfere.
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