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The latest progress of public rental
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Year 25 Mandarin Duck submitted to public rental Mandarin Area "people Jiayuan" public renters, is the city built the first open public rental. New ducks in the northern group, west of the airport expressway, south of Yu-long highway. The average floor area ratio of 3.8, than the city area are now much lower. 54 floors, the lowest 18 floors, up to 30 layers, units for 35-80 meters, can accommodate 40,000 people. 3000 garage, sports venues, supermarkets, water, primary schools and kindergartens, centers and other green landscape, from the light rail line 3 station only 500 meters. The current building progress? Responsible for the decoration of the Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Yu Yuan Ge Li, chairman of silk decorations, said in August, "people Jiayuan" The first 20 floors of public rental buildings on the cap, and then start the renovation, and now, the first batch of 25 of the basic civil completed, carry out a comprehensive renovation, there will be more than 7,000 sets of appearances. "It's 25 next year, will be submitted to the Spring Festival, there should be complete confidence." Big Bamboo has been capped four public rental Area in Big Bamboo, "the United States to Hong Chong" public rent, start building in March, in September, a 24-story building on the capped. "Chong United States to" a total construction area of 1,230,000 square meters, completed, will have 21,249 housing units, can accommodate 50,000 people, form a large community. Surrounding facilities, there are primary schools, post offices, clinics, banks, cultural centers, garages, parks, close to the rail line 6. Reporters on the scene, dozens of cranes are busy, the construction of a large area has been rolled out. Public Housing Development in Chongqing City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Zhang Tao, deputy general manager, currently under construction to 33 floors, has four caps, and into the plaster, interior decoration and other processes, the first batch completed in June next year. Completed, will reach more than 60 high-rise buildings.