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When can I apply for low-rent housing management offices of public housing: po
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Ganzhou City, China Liu October 19 calls: I was Zhanggong who, recently, I have the local news media in Ganzhou city this year saw the construction of low-rent housing news, want to know when to apply this low-rent housing? October 20, this reporter visited the city on public housing management office personnel. According to reports, this year's low-rent housing application time has been scheduled for the end of this year, the current application for low-rent housing this year, is also developing the policy, once the application time to determine the various community committees will be promptly posted on the relevant application for low-rent housing notices inform the area residents. Now if the housing difficulties of low-income families, but also not yet reached the time of application for low-rent housing, neighborhood area can apply for rent subsidies first.