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Be scared out of wits! 4 close hire a men and women to kiss all previous to hire
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[Summary] the floor that for instance I stay in before, doorplate has 1 date, 2, 3, 5, do not have 4 alone only. Again the office building that for instance I am in now does not have 4 words at all, 4 replace with 3A, 4 are 3A layer, 14 are 13A layer. And the room door brand that I hire now has a 4 words fitly, is it possible that a variety of oddity and this 4 words are concerned.

8 years our university graduates, bringing the knowledge of 4 years of scrape up, taking the intense emotion of young muddled, bosom dream goes to Shenzhen presumably. Shenzhen is countless young the dreamy heaven that is a person, when we are more young, when we still sit in classroom I had heard all sorts of legend about Shenzhen and myth, also have the story of those feel sad sadness of course. No matter Shenzhen is heaven or hell, we decide to come to Shenzhen enter. Then, four people are tightened to nearly 20 classmates came to Shenzhen on our class.

The story happens in a when I and additionally 3 classmates hire rental room. Introduce simply first issue us 4 people, the first classmate surnames Liu, it is one of people that knowledge of our class major learns best. To the computer, especially software process designing is having very enthusiastic, typical computer engineering course kind student, taking thick eye, the skin is dark, at ordinary times not coxcombry. But disposition is optimistic, thinking is active. At ordinary times we call him Liu Youcai, after producing clever different event, we discover he is the courage is the oldest person among us, then we begin to call him Liu bold. So he is my general appellation in retrospective story Liu Youcai or Liu is bold. The 2nd classmate is surnamed grandson, at ordinary times monicker with respect to Sun Quan, to avoid to mix historical character full name weighs a name, call him Sun Quan later. Sun Quan disposition is quieter, the figure is medium, very brilliant, wear a shirt especially or the suit is particularly handsome. The 3rd classmate is surnamed ever (Zeng) , it is the person with a very meticulous life, some moment are very slashing even, love is clean, say dress, the feeling resembles a woman, at ordinary times I call him girl. We call him Ceng Nv's person here, or Ceng Niu. The 4th person is me, surname Tao Mingmu. Although this is not the full name on my law meaning. But the person that knows me at ordinary times calls me Tao Mu, kiss the wood calling A of point of tangency, wood. Ceng Nv's person calls me contented young lady all the time, it is I call him the woman at ordinary times, 2 it is me bodily form is feebler, and strong-bodied the traditional idea that just calculates a man has certain discrepancy. My disposition is optimistic inside collect half and half, the person does not calculate clever, unless be clever light,show how, ferial li of feeling that the person has bit of Mu Mu, when be together with the woman especially, the name with me and picture. "Introduce us above all 4 people are to introduce the disposition that issues us roughly, because retrospective content is very much,concern with our disposition, especially the degree of courage size. We 4 individual courage are the greatest should belong to Liu bold, it is Sun Quan next. I and courage of Ceng Nv's person are lesser, do not divide almost the same.
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